SACRE’s first album, “LOVE REVOLUTION”, is a cinematographic album which exploits music, photography and narration.

A UFO of creation, this adventure written by the duo Hawaii & Sukil is a futurico-mythological road trip that takes us on a night of weirdness and excess. A night that no one can forget.

This odyssey begins at 7 p.m. and ends 12 hours later, in the early morning. An android, Aphrodite, a pyromaniac stripper, a priest, his pig and a pre-pubescent witch are among the 12 characters who will telescope that night. Each character has his own piece. Each piece has its scene, each scene has a photograph (signed Thomas Braut), each photograph has its narration.
From the Coconut Bar boosted by a DJ in Captain Hook attire to the murky undergrowth of a Z-series film, the duo immerses us in a strange adventure between Lynch and Tarantino.

The Story

“Our Love Revolution project has its roots in the love we have for the arts and in the love we have for our friends. 

It is based on a story we wrote, a futuristic mythological road trip, inspired by the Olympus gods romances, our friends’ personalities and the mess in our minds.”

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Release Date : 10 July 2020
Format : Digital Download

LOVE REVOLUTION was written, recorded, and produced in Amsterdam by Hawaii & Sukil between 2019 and 2020.