‘Cause you wanna wanna eat
‘Cause you know, you know I’m sweet
‘Cause you’re mad about the meat
‘Cause you hunt me on the beat

‘Cause you wanna wanna woop !
‘Cause you know, you know I’m woop !
‘Cause you’re mad about the woop !
‘Cause you hunt me on the woop !

My meat is trembling
My fear is growing
My heart is punching

Doe, Doe, Doe, woop !

The fright is spreading
My blood is chilling
The end is coming

Doe, Doe, Doe, woop !

I feel in your gaze
the last of my days
Your breath on my skin
The last of my dreams

Jungle chase
Jungle dance
Feed the beast
Fear the beat

Oh, I know I’m your prey
I can see it in your gaze
You can’t live without me, It’s only
me, me, me, me
Now, tell me who’s free ?
Cause you need me everyday
Cause you need me right away

You try to

Catch me,
Hold me,
Turn me on,

Kiss me,
Tie me,
Bite me, and

Beat me,
Lick me,
Eat me up,

Love me,
Have me,
Kill me, but

You’re the king in the night
I’m a queen in your dreams
You’re the death, I’m your life, now
Go to sleep in the nil

Jungle chase
Jungle dance
Jungle chase
Jungle *roar*

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  • Author : Hawaii&Sukil